It certainly doesn't pay to rent when you can get the fabulous deal we helped create for our client!

Here's a picture of the home we just closed. Look at all the great things that happened in this transaction!

  • We negotiated a sales price that was BELOW the asking price and BELOW the appraisal!
  • Because of a super-low mortgage rate offered by the lender, the Buyer's monthly payment might be hundreds of dollars LESS than some pay in rent!
  • Buyer used a low-down payment government loan and conserved cash.
  • A Sacramento charity loaned the buyer $15,000 that the buyer doesn't have to repay if the buyer lives in the property for five years or more! Almost FREE money.
  • California Association of REALTORS(r) offers an additional $250.00 energy efficiency rebate.
  • Because the home did not have central air conditioning, we arranged an "Energy Efficient Mortgage," that allowed the buyer to borrow enough money at a super cheap rate to buy the new air conditioner.
  • The home was on a large lot and was redone inside.

Wow! What value.

Who's the next person you know who wants to buy a home? Please call us with their name and number. Thanks!

David Jurewicz, Broker (00661096)

Charles and Michelle

We love it when kind people refer their precious relatives to us to buy or sell Sacramento real estate. That's how we met Charles and Michelle.

Frustrated with their former real estate agent, they took their relative's advice and called us!

Bonus: They didn't have to deal with strong competition for homes. Instead, they found themselves having two home sellers competing for them as buyers! Needless to say, these newlyweds landed a very nice home value for themselves.

We'd like to thank Charles and Michelle for choosing us to be their broker.

Who's the next person you know looking for an experienced real estate agent who listens and gets results?

Have them call Coleen Jurewicz, Broker (00826558) at Home Rocket Real Estate today, (916) 682-6454.

Mark Albrecht We recently assisted Mark Albrecht in locating a great rental property. Mark is taking advantage of a window of opportunity rarely offered to investors: Super-low mortgage rates and low asking prices of homes. When you do the numbers real estate may create better returns on your money than other investments. If you'd like to know more, GO HERE.
Dennings The Dennings family wanted a home rich with modern conveniences. We found them a newer home with an large, gorgeous kitchen with modern aplliances in a house with solar electricity so their bills would be super-low at a great price! Can we do the same for someone you know? Please call us with their name and number at (916) 682-6454. Thanks!
Greycrest The owner of this property owed more than the home was worth to two lenders! So he hired Coleen Jurewicz who not only found a buyer in only 6 days, but also negotiated an agreement with the two lenders who agreed to take far less than what they were owed. The buyer won with a nice home in great shape at a nice price and the seller was able to move on with his life unencumbered by the obligation to this house. Are you considering a short sale for your home? Contact us today for a no-obligation planning session.
Johnsons The Johnsons are tickled to have their own home! They got a great value on this affordable 3 bedroom home with a swimming pool.

We're so grateful they chose us to be their brokers.

Who's the next person you know who wants to buy a home? Please call us with their name and number. Thanks!
Stan and Maria Stan and Maria bought a house with our assistance over a decade ago. Well, all those years we kept in touch with them, sending them newsletters, postcards and market updates.

When it came time to buy another home closer to their children and grand children, Stan and Maria chose us once again to represent them in purchasing this nice home in Orangevale, California.

We really enjoy their kind, sweet demeanor and their reasonable manner.

We're looking for nice people just like them. Do you know someone we can assist in buying or selling real estate? Please call us with their name and number. Thanks!
Shawn Pictured here in front of his new home, Shawn is happy because he was able to buy a gorgeous home in Elk Grove, CA with a low down payment, below-market mortgage interest rate and low monthly payments. This cleverly designed home offers all the amenities Shawn wanted at an affordable price.

Do you know someone like Shawn who wants to stop renting and own instead? Please give us a call.
Ana buys her first home with our assistance!

Look what we negotiated for her: A beautiful home at a price some $16,000 BELOW asking price. She obtained a LOW down payment and LOW interest fixed-rate loan. Plus the seller contributed to Ana's closing costs! Note she searched the internet for the "Best REALTOR(r) in Sacramento," and she chose us! Thanks Ana!
Bill & Henry Is NOW the time to buy a vacation/retirement home? Looking at the smiles on Bill and Henrietta's faces, the answer must be YES. We assisted them in buying this great vacation home not too far from Lake Tahoe where they can relax and enjoy life. Are you at a place in time where owning a vacation or retirement home would make your life better? Call us at (916) 682-6454 and let us show you what's available and create a strategy to buy one.
Kristi gets the keys to her new Sacramento bank repo house!
Marie Beals

Marie buys a beautiful West Sacramento home for thousands below appraisal! She wrote this to us:

"David and Coleen: I just want to personally thank the two of you for helping us move quickly into the new house. Thrity Days and we were done. If we ever buy another home, there is no doubt in our minds that we will ask for your assistance again.”

Thanks Marie!  

Stanley and Darcy We’d like to thank Stanly and Darcy for choosing us to be their real estate brokers.  They wanted an affordable place in the country to raise their children.  We located a gorgeous property in a quiet treed area, with LOW financing. Who’s the next person you know who wants to improve the quality of their life through real estate? Please call us with their name and  number! Thanks
Mr. Tong Mr. Tong was able to buy this house using low financing and at a great price too!  It's a bank repo and needs cosmetic work.  But the return on his money may beat out other investments.

The Powers family buy a foreclosed home with David and Coleen Jurewicz.

One of the secret marketing weapons we use in selling your home are custom videos we place on This video helped us sell a highly upgraded home to a couple where one spouse was out of state.

There's no better way to showcase a home's features than a nice guided video tour! To find out how your home can appear on YouTube, please call us today at (916) 682-6454.

Daniel O. After his father purchased a home from us, he referred his son Daniel who not only wanted a great buy but wanted to take advantage of the thousands of dollars in government tax credits for buying a home. Here he stands in front of a beautiful two story home with a swimming pool with monthly payments about the same as some pay in rent! We were able to negotiate a great price, a huge contribution to his loan, a lower than market interest rate and fix up work! "I enjoyed working with David because he was on top of all aspects of my transaction. He's a very patient person!" said Daniel. Thanks!
Dylan Plank Dylan was referred to us by our friend in the mortgage business. He beat out his competitors at this home in a great stable area by not being afraid to do some of his own repair work. He benefited from a great financing and fix-up monies which translated into a great home for the money. We have a feeling this young man will be ahead of his peers because he bought an asset with appreciation potential!
Merritt The Merritts chose Coleen Jurewicz to be their agent in selling their beautiful home in Roseville, CA. in a slower real estate market. Not only did they follow Coleen's advice in staging the home, they followed her pricing advice as well. Well, the home sold in just a few days! If you're interested in selling your home, please call us to discuss our unique marketing plan.
Barbara Richards Her brother referred Barbara to us who wanted purchase a condo with very specific requirements. She thought it would take Coleen months to find it. But Coleen located one quickly! Barbara said, "Coleen I hate you because I didn't think you would find it so fast!" And Barbara did a great job in negotiating using the power strategy of a fast close meaning fast cash to the seller. If you or someone you know is considering buying a home soon, do what Barbara did, call us at (916) 682-6454.
Beryl After buying a home from us some years ago, Beryl felt since the market was slower that now would be an excellent time to buy a second home. We found a lender that catered to her needs and located a home priced lower than what people used to pay for just a building lot! Now Beryl is the proud owner of two great properties. Thank you Beryl for your loyalty in choosing us again to represent you as a real estate broker.

Who says you can’t sell a house in today’s market?
When the Medina family asked us to sell the house we helped them buy years ago, we told them that what’s working are the items in our 78-point marketing plan. They followed our suggestions and received a great offer. The Medinas have moved out of state and we’re going to miss them. They’re great reasonable people. Have a house you need to sell? Call us today and let’s talk about your goals.

Sammy Sammy took advantage of the great real estate values in today’s real estate clearance sale. We assisted him in negotiating a buy well below appraisal! The house needs some work, but we’re sure Sammy’s resourcefulness will pay great dividends in the future. Who’s the next person you know who wants a great home value? Do what Sammy did. Call us to develop a winning home buying strategy.
Amy Amy (pictured at far left) is the latest Hillabush generation to buy a home. We’re so tickled when we see young people get their first home early because we know what a great financial impact that will have in their future. Amy asked us to find a reasonably priced home on a large lot. Well here it is at a price the appraiser said was below-market. Congratulations Amy on negotiating a great home value purchase!
Tony Tony felt it would be a good time to see what the market had to offer. Well here he stands in front of an affordable two story home with a pool which he purchased using so little of his own cash, it’s almost unbelievable. Tony’s another example of a young person taking advantage of today’s low prices and reasonable mortgage interest rates and affordable payments. Thanks Tony for choosing us to be your broker!
Waymondo Waymondo fresh out of the Military decided he wanted to own a condo rather than rent. Se we went to work to assist him in negotiating a great buy on a bank-owned repo condo. He ended up paying one of the best prices in the condo project and now has a place of his own with an affordable payment. The project is gated and his unit is low-maintenance. Thank you for choosing us to be your broker!
Webb The Webb family asked us to locate a great first time home value in Elk Grove in a nice neighborhood with an affordable payment. Well after looking at several homes we struck gold! A bank repossession where the bank really wanted to sell! We negotiated low cash from the Webbs, a huge contribution to their loan from the bank which not only paid for their closing costs but also permanently bought down their loan interest rate! They also received a free home warranty plan PLUS a government grant! As you can see, they’re very happy. Are you looking for a great home buy? Call us today and let’s discuss your options! (916) 682-6454
Show Zone We’re showing you this picture so you can see what happens when our clients follow our marketing advice. At first we priced the home fairly, but we had very little interest. Then we adjusted the price until we hit what we call the show zone. That’s when we have lots of interest. Well the right price produced multiple offers and we sold it in just a few days after that for higher than asking price. Do you know someone who needs their property sold in a reasonable amount of time even in a slower real estate market? Please call us with their name and address and we’ll show them our 78-point marketing plan.
Hlavna The Hlavnas wanted a nicer home in a stronger area. So instead of selling their existing home, they held it as an investment for their retirement and took advantage of today’s market with motivated sellers. They were strong negotiators and purchased a beautiful home in a nice part of town. Instead of waiting, they took action and now enjoy a great lifestyle. Who’s the next person you know who wants a larger home? Please call us with their name and number. We promise to take great care of them!
Brenton And Lisa You can sell a home for a reasonable price in a slower real estate market! Brenten and Lisa proved it! They chose us and our 78-point 30-day marketing plan to assist them in reaching their real estate goals. We produced two offers for their Elk Grove home from well-qualified buyers! But we have high praise for this young couple. Not only did they upgrade their home and keep it in model-like condition, they had confidence their house would sell. It did!
Michael And Justin Here’s the powerful father and son team of Michael and Justin Carvalho. Their fast growing home improvement business necessitated more space. Instead of renting a bigger building, they decided to buy one with our assistance! Here they are standing in front of the building they bought which they feel may significantly increase in value with just a few modifications. They were able to obtain great SBA financing too! Who’s the next person you know who is leasing a commercial building but should really be owning one instead? Have them follow the Carvalho’s example and give us a call today.
David Wiseman Attorney David Wiseman wanted a great home value in a great neighborhood, with better than average financing at a great price! Was he asking too much? Not at all! Here he is in front of his well-located house which he purchased with below-market financing as a result of a generous seller contribution we helped him negotiate. David was a very “wise man” taking advantage of a buyer’s market. Do you know anyone like David who wants a great home buy? Call us at (916) 682-6454 with their name and number. Thanks!
Mary Anne And Alissa Mary Anne and her daughter Alisa needed to get closer to Alisa’s future schools and Mary Anne’s work (not to mention it was time for Alisa to have her own bathroom). So Mary Anne used us to sell the house we helped her buy years ago and buy one in East Sacramento that met their needs, was well located, and priced affordably! She wrote us this: “I did it! With a huge thanks to you. Thanks for helping me on my journey and dream to live in East Sac.” You’re welcome.

We’re so proud of Kelly and Carl! Instead of waiting hoping that the real estate market will change, they took action right away to buy a well-priced spacious home with a pool. Because of their decision, they now own a beautiful home with great financing!

If you’ve heard of the statement “Buy Low and Sell High,” then follow Kelly and Carl’s lead: “Now’s the time to buy! Call us to discuss our amazing home buying strategies.

We’re tickled to have Marlyn as a client. That’s because she listens to our advice. She’s a successful repeat client. The latest house she sold through us was sold in less than 30 days in what some people called a “slower real estate market!” If you’d like to work with real estate brokers that produce results, do what Marlyn did, call (916) 682-6454 right now.
When this home was purchased, there were LOW mortgage rates AND LOW asking prices at the same time! Usually, it’s one or the other. That’s why we’re so proud of Shannon Penn who took advantage of this unique marketplace and snagged a great home value. Who’s the next person you know who should buy a house now? Call us with their name and number. We’ll assist them in developing a winning strategy too! Dial (916) 682-6454 today.
When our client asked us what it would take to sell this home really fast, we told her there were some 6,500 homes for sale in Sacramento county and barely 1,000 sold each month. She would have to do some fix-up work and use our unique pricing strategy. She followed our advice exactly. THE RESULT? We had an offer within 24 hours of the home going on the market and it was SOLD in just 3 days! Escrow closed FAST too! Want to sell your home fast and for top dollar? Call us now!
Jones Family The Jones family proved one thing: It’s possible to buy a great home in a convenient area with almost NO CASH. At first, they weren’t sure they could buy a home. But after speaking with a lender and doing research on homes for sale we convinced the sellers of a very nice home to make a huge contribution to the Jones loan closing costs. The result? The Jones now are raising their beautiful daughter in a great area with great schools. Who’s the next renter you know who really should be a homeowner? Please call (916) 682-6454 with their name and number. We’ll help them create an affordable home buying strategy.
Irby The Irby family stands inside their beautiful home in Elk Grove, CA. After carefully examining several homes, it was clear this home offered the best value both in amenities and neighborhood. They cleverly accommodated the seller’s moving schedule which made their offer very appealing to the sellers. The Irbys are masters at win-win negotiating. We are so grateful they chose us to be their agent. We really enjoyed our transaction with them.
Joe and Corin Gomes Joe and Corin Gomes have one amazing quality: No matter what shape a home is in, they can fix it! Since he’s a General Contractor, Joe asked us to find them a larger home with lots of value. Well here they are in their “diamond in the rough” contemporary home in Elk Grove that needed lots of attention at an amazing price! A nearby similar sized home just like it went on the market for $75,000 more than the Gomes paid! Congratulations on making a great buy!
Joe and Corin Gomes Because we’re big believers in buying a home when you’re young, we’re so proud of Nicole, just in her early 20’s who is already a homeowner! While many of her peers are spending their money on assets that go down in value, Nicole is building equity for her future. Thank you Nicole for choosing us to be your agent! (We helped her negotiate an extra good buy, too). Who’s the next young person you know who we can assist in buying a home? Please call us at (916) 682-6454 with their name and number. Thanks!
Joe and Corin Gomes Margarete asked to help her sell her house for a SECOND time! First we helped her sell a Sacramento home and now we marketed this beautiful home in Roseville. Since our livelihood depends upon repeat business, we’re so pleased that Margarete not only called us to sell her home, but referred her son to us too. Her son, in turn, referred us to his neighbor. If you want to represented by real estate brokers whose service is so good people keep coming back to us, call us today!
Here’s Joshua in front of his former Sacramento home! This was the home Joshua’s parents bought with our help. Not too long ago, it was time to move on. Again they chose Home Rocket Real Estate to be their agent in selling their home. What happened? Well, we sold the home at top market value and now life is good for them! Who knows? Maybe we’ll help Joshua buy a home some day. Let us help you reach your real estate goals. Call us today!
It was time to buy a larger home. Deb and Michelle chose our company to help them get their existing home ready for sale, help them find a more suitable home AND make the transition go smoothly! Well, things worked out great! Coleen helped Deb and Michelle to set up their house so it would get the most the market would allow (it SOLD fast!), then she helped them buy a beautiful home with a pool and coordinated the two escrows to minimize stress. Are you thinking of moving up to a larger home? Do what Deb and Michelle did. Choose us to be your agent and we’ll make your move as hassle-free as possible!
Attorney Robert Strambi has a very simple philosophy about buying real estate. Buy a conservative house in a high-demand neighborhood. That way, demand for higher priced homes will keep his home escalating in value. We represented Robert in purchasing this beautiful home in highly coveted East Sacramento! Within a short distance from this home are many conveniences plus a close proximity to downtown Sacramento and the freeways. We’re very confident the odds are high that Robert will reap rich rewards from his decision to acquire this home. Would you like to buy a home in an area with high upward potential? Follow Robert’s example. Call us today for a FREE consultation.
There were four other competing offers on this home. But Kellie and Sandra were the winning buyers! What was their secret weapon so they could have a negotiating advantage? They hired Coleen Jurewicz to be their agent! After consulting with a top notch lender Coleen helped them prepare an offer with a little used strategy irresistible to most sellers: Close escrow in just TWO WEEKS! That was music to that seller’s ears because it meant fast cash! Fourteen days later Kellie and Sandra had the keys to their new home! The moral of the story? Choose us to be your broker and we’ll set the stage so you’ll have the most negotiating power! Call us at (916) 682-6454 to set up a no-obligation consultation.
Carol and Lisa, a mother and daughter lived in a nice home in Sacramento’s Pocket area. However, they were frustrated with their commute and desired a larger home closer to work.

At their no-obligation meeting with Coleen they discovered how to best market their home. In addition, Coleen gathered information on what they wanted to buy next. They decided to move and have us handle the sale. The result? Their Pocket area home sold in only 8 days for full price! Then Coleen helped them to buy their new home in spite of intense competition. Bottom line: They now live in the house of their dreams in Roseville, CA just minutes from work!

“Our meetings with Coleen really helped us to focus on what was really in our best interests.” Carol and Lisa

William and Michelle asked us to help them find an affordable home in a prestigious area. Not only did we help them do that but the home they bought had numerous upgrades and a generously sized lot! You can tell by the smiles on their faces they’re happy with their purchase!
Stephanie contacted us through the internet. She wanted a spacious home with a pool in a safe area. Oh yes, it had to be affordable too. Well, look at what we found for her! And now Sacramento’s hot summers will go by quickly because her family can relax in a cool pool. Thank you Stephanie for choosing us to be your real estate broker!

Michael and Maria have chosen us to buy their second home! Watch this video to learn what they did to get an outstanding buy on their Citrus Heights home!

The Jenkins moved to Elk Grove from out of the area. They asked a relative to refer them to real estate agents they could trust. We were chosen! We coordinated the purchase of their new home with the sale of their previous home. Now they’re getting acquainted with the many benefits of living in the Sacramento area. Do you know anyone moving to this area? Please call us at (916) 682-6454 with their name and number.
The Keelers availed themselves of Coleen’s more than two decades of real estate negotiating experience. The end result? This nice home in Sacramento with just the right price and terms! Call us if you know someone who wants to be represented by a strong advocate when buying a home.
Justin and Cortney were newlyweds when deciding to not lead their lives as renters but as home owners. They needed an affordable home with potential and financing that would give them the payment then wanted. End result? This really nice home you see here which they cleverly turned into a doll house! Thanks again for choosing us to help you get started in real estate!
Cletus and his wife have had us represent them in three real estate purchases. Their strategy is simple. Buy nice houses in strong neighborhoods for maximum profit. And it’s paying off for them! All their properties have been appreciating in value because demand is higher for homes in great areas. If you like Cletus’ strategy, call us today and let us help you locate your next property in a coveted area!
After being married for over 20 years and having raised FIVE children Joe and Debbie Grieco decided it was time to buy their first home. And they chose us at Home Rocket Real Estate to be their agent. They met with us to create a plan of action so they could jump on an opportunity. Then a great home came on the market. After competing with six other people, they were awarded the home. “Buying this home was a low-stress experience,” said Joe. “The staff at Home Rocket Real Estate were very helpful. I’ll be referring my children to them when they’re ready to buy!” Who’s the next person you know who needs to buy a home? Please call us with their name and number. We promise to take great care of them too!
Terri wanted to buy her first home, a condo. The problem was most condo projects didn’t allow dogs the size of her pet canine, Shelby. A friend of Terri referred her to us and our team went to work to find a condominium that was: 1. affordable, and 2. would permit her dog to live there. After investigating a dozen condo projects we hit pay dirt: A remodeled condo where dogs were welcome. We closed escrow fast and now Terri and Shelby are dog-gone happy!

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